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Meet our reindeer

Meet our tame reindeer and the new reindeer calf for this year. Experience the feeling when they eat directly from your hands. Listen to  stories about how fantastic the reindeer really are – fully adopted to the arctic climate. Did you know that they can see things our eyes can’t? Monday-Friday: 10-11 AM

Price: 250 SEK/Adult, 150 SEK/Child .

Snowshoe hiking with reindeer

Experience the feeling of hiking on snowshoes, together with our tame reindeer. Enjoy the stillness while sipping on  a cup of Sami coffee and different delicacies of reindeer meat. This experience suits both adult and children. Monday-Friday: 2-4 PM

Price: 550 SEK/ adult, 250 SEK/Child Rekommended age from 6 year depende of ability.

Slideshows and storytelling.

Are you curious about what the Sami year looks like, see the seasons’ changes and hear stories about what it is like to live as a reindeer herder in Sweden’s southernmost Sami area? Slideshow with stories about the sámiculture at STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation. Wednesdays at 20.00.  

Price: 110 SEK/person (STF members 85 SEK/person)

No booking is needed. You pay at the STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation’s reception.
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