Renbiten at Grövelsjön

Renbiten is a family owned company in Grövelsjön north of Idre. Here is a fantastic mountain nature and unblemished areas in the border with Norway.

Renbiten is owned by Peter and Helena Andersson who is one of the four families working as a reindeerhusbandary at Idre Sami village, Sweden’s southernmost area for reindeerherding.

What can we offer?

We combine reindeer husbandry with our own butchering, We also have 2 different shops and offering unique experiences  of  Sámiculture together with our domestic reindeer.

We are specialized in products and services that are directly linked to the Sami culture. Both in terms of the own produced reindeer meat and the different Sami experiences we offer

European Development Fund

We have been granted rural support through the European Development Fund for the opening of our store in Falun.