Our accomodation

We are offering unique accommodations in a sámi tipi, an old farmer cabin at the and reindeer herder cabins on the mountain or at “villa Renbiten” a house in the center of Storsätern.


Learn more about the Sámiculture and meet our reindeer.

Our stores

Visit any of our stores, where you will find our own produced reindeer meat, local produced delicatessen, furses, craft and gifts.

Meat production

We run our own production of reindeer meat, moose meat and wild caught char.

About renbiten

Renbiten is is a Sami owned family company in Grövelsjön north of Idre, run by Peter and Helena Andersson. We combine reindeer husbandry with our own butchering, we have shops and a offers a variety of Sami experiences together with the tame reindeer.

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Bokningsförfrågan – renbiten-activity


Detta är en bokningsförfrågan.

Vi återkommer inom kort med bekräftelse.