Experience the country and the Sami people

In this area the Lappish people have been working for thousands of years. Here you can find pastureland for reindeer and many traces from the Sami people’s activities from former and recent days. Here you have the chance to experience the silence, calm and opportunity for the soul to find peace. Everything is situated in a magnificent mountain nature.

We can offer several different arrangements where you get to enjoy nature and the Lappish culture, adapted after season, weather and the guest’s desires. If you are lucky you can follow the reindeer keeper in his daily work, or perhaps follow us to the genuine Sami tipi were Peter’s grandfather lived with his ten children – an impressive experience. In the tipi the food is always served around, Aernien, the fireplace.

‘There we will sit on reindeer fells listening to stories from former days while enjoying different Sami specialities, entirely after your wishes. You also have the opportunity to learn the noble art of how to throw a lasso. Our main thought is to make your stay as pleasant as possible and to give you an experience over and above the ordinary! Read more under ”Sami, the people of eight seasons” , get inspired and contact us and we will custom-make an experience that will fit you and your wishes.