Renbiten offers different arrangements, where you get the opportunity to enjoy nature and the Sami culture, adapted after season, the weather and your wishes. In this area, there have been Sami working for thousands of years. Here you can find the pastureland for the reindeer and many traces from the Sami people’s activities from former and recent days. You will have the chance to experience the silence, calm and the opportunity for the soul to find peace. Everything is situated in a magnificent mountain nature.

Here you have wonderful arrangements for the family, adults and children, the company or maybe to celebrate an anniversary.

It’s very important for us to maintain the Sami traditions and knowledge, while we want to offer you a great experience, which you can carry with you for a long time.


Gåetije tour- a magical experience

This is an extraordinary trip where you get to experience the silence and the calm of the nature. You will get an experience you’ll never forget.

Follow us to the tipi where Peters grandfather lived with his 10 children – a magical feeling. We walk for about 30 minutes up in the mountains, in a great nature with a beautiful view over the Norwegian mountains and Grövelsjön. In the tipi we sit around the ”Aernie”, fireplace, and listen to stories from now and then. We also eat a samish lunch, coffee from the fireplace and other sami specialties. You also get the opportunity to learn how to throw a lasso.


Aevije tour- an experience near the Sami culture

Experience the Samish Culture. Walk with us up to our tipi, where we sit down around the fireplace and listen to different stories about a reindeer keepers normal day, and the sami year. Enjoy a sami lunch, coffee made over the fire and taste other samish specialties. Why not try the samish way of drinking coffee, with a piece of reindeer meat in the cup. You also get the chance to learn how to throw a lasso.




Sami myths and stories

The Sami culture is full of myths and stories. Did you know that the Sami people had many different gods that they worshiped and sacrificed to? Or that the bear was considered sacred and is surrounded by both stories and joik? Follow us to one of our tipis, join us around the fireplace and let your self be enchanted by the wonderful stories. While you are listening to the stories you will be served coffee boiled over the fire, and different Sami delicacies.



A reindeer keeper’s day

Do you want to experience how a reindeerkeeper’s day can look like? We can offer you various experiences, depending on season. You can read more about the reindeerkeeper’s working year under ”The eight seasons”.

We will customize an exclusive experience according to your wishes.


Mountain hike

Experience Mountain hikes following the Sami’s footsteps, from 1-4 days. We will hike with no demand on performance, visit places and se traces from the old and new Sami culture. We sleep in tipis, listening to the crackle of the fire and enjoy different Sami delicacies and fellowship.


Team building

Is your family or company in need of teambuilding? We can arrange a fascinating experience in the spirit of the Sami.

Children’s activities, where we will teach you the noble art of throwing Soepinjhe, the lasso, are available, where we let children acquaint themselves with the Sami culture.



We offer slideshows with information about the Sami culture, a reindeerkeeper’s life or after your wishes. Nothing is impossible!