The shop

In our store you can find products from the traditional Sami cuisine which is mainly based on what nature provides in the area. The Sami people have lived in a very rigorous environment for thousands of years. This is good evidence that the Sami kitchen contains the nutrients that humans need.

Reindeer, elk, mountain-caught fish, mushrooms and berries are all products that you can find in our store, mostly self-produced.

You’ll find all kinds of reindeer meat, fresh, dried, smoked and suovas are some of the delicacies. Sometimes we can also offer grouse and capercaillie. Ask us, and we’ll do what we can to find what you want.

We also offer genuine Sami handicrafts and handicrafts from the region, first-class reindeer skins, reindeer antlers, exclusive Sami art and many fine gifts. For us it is very important to provide the highest quality in all our products and services.