Winter activities

A lot of people find out that Grövelsjön is a really winter paradise.
Here you will find all the opportunities to experience the mountains at their best. Grövelsjön is one of Sweden´s most snowly areas with snow from October to the end of May. Perfect for snow-skiing, snowmobil, hiking on snowshoes and a lot of more.  There are also fine fishing opportunities and why not following the tracks of redators like wolves, wolvorine and lynx.

Renbiten offers several different sami activities during the winter. Activities perfect for companies, familys, old and younger people. Ask us if you have any requests.

Experience the reindeer!

Matning av våra tamrenar

Meet some of our reindeer and experience the feeling when they eat directly from your hands. Learn what an amazing animal reindeer are totaly adapted to an Arctic climate. Did you know, for example, that they can see things our eyes can not?

Mondays, tuesdays, wednesday and fridays kl. 10-11
Price: 140 kr per person.

Reindeer during eight seasons


Hike along with our reindeer to one of our tipis. We will sit on reindeerfurs around the fireplace, boil coffee over the fire and learn about the work with reindeer during the eight seasons. You will also taste a variety of reindeerproducts and a cake made of a herb from the Sami cuisine of the sami.

Tesdays and fridays kl 14.16
Price: 390kr/pers.  Child 6-12 year: 250kr, Child 2-5 year: 150 kr

Snowshoe hiking together with reindeer

Vandra med renen Plupp

Enjoy the experience of hiking on snowshoes through snow covered ancient forests and in the accompaniment of our reindeer. Relax and enjoy the sami way of drinking coffee and delicaces of reindeer meat. Learn about the sami culture. This hike is suitible for people of all ages.

Monday and wednesdays: 14.00-16.00
Price: 390kr/pers, Child 6- 12 year: 250 kr.

Livallen during the winter

IMG_8888Up one the mountain, far from civilization, there is an old farmer place from the late 1700’s. Without roads and on area closed for all snowmobil traffic, (except during guided tours). We hike on skis or with snowmobiles. At Livallen we will serve a mix of traditional dishes from farmers and Sami cusine over the open fire and listen to stories about life on the mountains from now and then.

Thursdays: 12.00-16.00
Price: 1590 kr per person. 

Reindeerherding now and then

Peters mormor

Slideshow with photos from the work as a reindeerherder now and on grandfathers time at Grövelsjöns Mountainstation.

Booking is not needed


Wednesdays at 20.30 (1 hour)
vecka 53, 1 samt 5-



Price: 95 kr per person. (Stf member 75 kr/pers).
No booking is needed.