Our summer activities

Renbiten offers several different arrangements, whish you can get to enjoy nature and the Sami culture, depended to the seasons, the weather and your wishes. In this area  it has lived and worked Sami for thousands of years. Here you will find traces from reindeerheardeing from both past and present. And, this is the wright place to experience silence, harmonie and the opportunity for the soul to find peace.
Everything presented in a magnificent mountain scenery.

Below you will find a sample of differend guided daytours offered during the summer. Arrangements to suit the family, old or young, for the company, or perhaps to celebrate any anniversary. All guided tours are suit to be the best for each guests’ ability.
NOTE! The activities must be booked, at least the day before.

We also offer multi-day event. Read more under the “Adventure Package”

For us it is very important to preserve the Sami language skills and traditions, while we want to provide a positive experience that you can carry with you a long time.
Please take contakt, so we can create an experience that suits you best!

 Maadther Ajjas (grandfathers) summer settlement

Rofylldhet vid sommarkåtan i Grövelsjön

This is a magical experience, where you will see how the life of a reindeer herder was when our grandfather was alive. Together with our tamed reindeer we will hike to one of his summer settlements (kåta), where he stayed with his ten children, workers and dogs. We will serve you a traitional sami meal and coffee made                                                                              over the fire.
Mondays 13-17
Price: 790 skr/person
Number: 4-10 guests.

The eight seasons of the samipeople


Together with our tamed reindeer we will hike to one of our tipis (this tour is suitable for both children and those who are having some trouble hiking) In the tipi we will tell you about the life as a reindeerherder during our eight seasons, drink coffee the same way as sami people do and enjoy different sami delicacies.

Wednesdays kl. 14,00-16,00
Price: 350 skr/person, 250 skr/barn -12 år.
Number: 4-10 guests.

 Hiking in the steps of the reindeerherders- a hike in history.

Ol Antas kåta vid Grövelsjön

Experience the history of Sámi in our magnificent mountains. Learn how to read nature and find tracks from historical activities like hunting pit systems, old sámi settlements and reindeer grazing. Coffee and delicacies from the Sámi cuisine are included.
Fridays kl. 10-14
Price: 790 skr/person
Number: 4-10 guests.

Reindeer- a magnificent animal!


Meet our tamed reindeer, feed them and be fascinated by stories about how fantastic reindeer are- fully adopted to the artic climate. Did you know that they can see things our eyes can´t?!

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays kl. 10,00-11,00
Price: 130 skr/person
Number: 4-20 guests.

Hiking with reindeer


Experience the reindeer up close, when we hike together into a historical forest and learn about the samiculture.  Enjoy coffee and different delicacies from the samicousine.


Tuesdays and Thursdays kl 14,00-16,00
Price: 350 skr/ person, 250 skr/ child -12 years
Numberl: 4-20 guests.

Taste of sápmi

IMG_1738Do you want to experience the Sami cuisine and have an experience for all your senses?
During 3-4 hours we will tell stories about the sami culture,  while enjoying a variety of Sami dishes made over the fire. An experience that fits perfectly for special occasions or anniversaries.

For more information and booking
Phone 0046705779376 or mail info@renbiten.se.



Kalvmärkning vid GrötvallsjönAre you curious about what the Sami year looks like, the shifts of the seasons and stories about living as a reindeerherder in Sweden’s southernmost samivillage.
Week 35-38 we show pictures and tell stories at STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation.
Pre-booking is not required, but payment is made at the receptiondesk of the mountain station.
Wednesdays at 20.30. (About 1 hour talks)