Experience packages

Experience samiculture and the life as a reindeerherder in our paradise, Grötvallsjön
samevistet i Grötvall

Hike to one of our paradise, Grötvallsjön. During a short week you will have an exclusive possibility to learn and expereince the samiculture and the nature of the sothermost mountain in Sapmi, the land of samipeople.
We will drink water from the streem, prepare all food over the open fire and sleep in tipis on reindeerfurs. During the whole visit you will be togehter with us and the best natureguides that we know of and you will have an uniqe experience of samiculture and our mountainnature.

You will have time for fishing, hiking, relax and the only thing you have to carry is a light daypackage.

Dates:  Contact us for more information and booking

Price: 16 300 skr/person.
Numbers: 4-8 persons

1 night shared in doubblebed
2 nights in a Tipi on the mountain (sleepingbags and reindeerfurs included)
Fishing equipment
Full board

Experience our reindeer, samiculture and the time for calfmarking

En skatt vid regnbågens slut

During this time of the year its calfmarkingtime, the most impressive highligths of the year. Together with our tamed reindeer we do different hikings, enjoy samidishes and learn about the samiculture and our magnificent mountain. Depending of the reindeer and the weather you might also experiece calfmarking.

Date: 8-11 september
10 600 skr/person
4-10 persons

Overnight in “villa Renbiten”
full board of what the mountain gives, reindeermeat and fish

Sámiculture, reindeer and hiking in Dalarna mountains.

In the centre of Scandinavia, along the borderlands between Sweden and Norway, there´s a large nature reserve with more than 3000 square km. of protected countryside. This is the southernmost area where reindeer still graze and where the indigenous people, the sámipeople, works with reindeerherding. In this area you will also find Swedens larges waterfall, 90 high and the the world’s oldest known tree, 9550 years old. You will also find a unique mountainarea with water clear and pure enough to drink directly from the source.

This is a perfekt choice if you want to “go back to nature”. During this week you will be a part of the Sami culture and the fabulous nature. You will experience how to catch wild char and how to prepare it over the open fire with herbs from the nature. You will learn about the sámi kitchen and you will experience how to sleep on reindeerfurs in a tipi around the fire. An experience for all of your sences.

Date: 18/8-22/8 and 25/8-/29/8
14 500 skr/person Childs: contact us for info. 
4-10 persons

Overnight in our appartment, in tipi and cabin at the mountain.
Full board of what the mountain gives, reindeermeat and fish