Today, it´s the day of coffee!


Vad är mer avkopplande än eldens knaster?!

Today is the day of coffee. Out of all types of coffee, there is no greater favorite than boiled coffee. Peter recommends:
Ideally, the coffee is boiled over an open fire and most importantly. It must take time to boil the coffee. A moment of silence while the fire grows, water boils up and then, waiting for the coffee to slowly sink to the bottom. A time for reflection and relaxation, where a piece of dried reindeer lifts the taste to heavenly heights.
Second  to the favorite, it is for Peter to the early morning drinking his cup in silence before the house wakes up and preferably with one of his mother’s homemade cakes. After it is recommended to crawl into bed and have a short snap och sleeping again.

In our shop we serve today homemade apple and blueberry pies with boiled coffee and a piece of dried reindeer meat in the cup. Welcome!

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