We need HELP!

Renbiten has been selected to be part of TV4’s “Sveriges skönaste gårdar”. The recording will at our house on August 27 and the 30 of August the finals take place in Stjärnsund just outside Hedemora. During the finals, a jury with Carl-Jan Granqvist will judge both the product and the dish we produced.
But, we need help! We need a CLAQUE at the final, preferably with some banners with “Renbiten” on. Although we have a large family, so we have no help to get there. Everyone is on vacation.
So you have the opportunity to get to Stjärnsund and support us, we are extremely grateful! The recording will be between the hours. 9-17.
Can you not come, so keep your fingers crossed for us please! We WANT TO WIN!
For more info, call 004670-5779376 or 004670-5779313.

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