Experience mountain hiking and the southest of Sápmi

Hike in one of Scandinavia´s largest and most magnificent mountain wilderness area. Experience a magical and unique adventure while getting an exclusive insight to the sámi culture and enjoying the quietness and peacefulness. In cooperation between Renbiten and STF Grövelsjöns mountain lodge you will have an unforgivingly memory.

Sámi people, the indigenous people of Sweden, has been working in this area since time immemorial. City life is the opposite from a reindeer herder’s way of dealing with circumstances, and to live with nature and its changing conditions. This experience will be thrilling, refreshing and most of all, the best way to come to peace with the all day challenges in your ordinary life.

We’ll hike with no demands on performance, sharing the fellowship of being together in the wilderness. Everyone may take part in this experience, adult and children alike: we adapt our hiking programs to age, skill and endurance. We will visit places with traces of ancient and modern Sámi activities while learning how to survive from what nature can offer. In this area the water is so clean that you can drink directly from the streams, the air so clean that you can feel it, and the silence so deep that it is the perfect place to find peace in the depth of your soul. There is also a great possibility that we will see both reindeer with their calves and other wild animals such as moose, bear and eagles.

Strong feelings take hold while sleeping on reindeer hides in tipis, listening to the crackle from “Aernien”, the fire, with all the stars shining above. Listen to stories from old and new days of the Sámi culture and enjoy delicacies from the Sámi kitchen, all prepared over the open fire. The excitement of catching one of the delicacies of the mountain, the Artic Char, and preparing it over the open fire is something you will never forget! A memorable experience for all of your senses!

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