Our winter activities have begun

At last the winter season started again and with it our activities with experiences in the Sami culture. During Aevijeturen yesterday (read with the “arrangemang”), we had the privilege to spend the day with a group of adults and children. Imagine how wonderful it is  afterwords hearing one of the children exclaim, “this was the best of the whole week, even better than the mini-scooter” – to be with us, feed our reindeers, have a walk with the reindeer “Plupp”, listen to stories and throwing lasso, was really fun. Imagine also how it feels when the guests appreciate the Sami food so much that all the dishes are empty.

In the evening, Peter had a slide show about the Sami culture at STF Grövelsjöns mountanistaion. He came home shining like a sun. Certainly there were many wonderful, inquisitive people who embellished his evening.

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